The Association of Gramscian Studies of Catalonia was created

On November 26, 2019, the undersigned held the constituent assembly of the Association of Gramscian Studies of Catalonia in Barcelona.

On 20 December of this year, the mandatory documentation was presented at the entrance registry of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The objectives of the Association, as stated in our statutes, are the study and diffusion of the work of Italian philosopher and politician Antonio Gramsci, as well as the realization of studies, analysis or articles on the political, social, cultural, historical or ideological realities based on the contributions and method of this author or of the scholars who use his work. The instruments to carry out these tasks will be the realization of seminars, conferences, publications and the construction of a website.

Another objective will be to maintain fraternal relations and cooperation with the future Spanish Association of Gramscian Studies and with the International Gramsci Society, as well as with the Gramsci Foundation in Rome.

The elected Board of the Association is composed by: Joan Tafalla (president), Nando Zamorano (secretary), Antonio Ruiz (treasurer) and the members of the Board: Victor Ríos, Giaime Pala, Pablo Montes, Alejandro Andreassi and Oriol Arcas.

Our association is already in operation and we are currently working on the development of various activities to be carried out during the year 2020. Whoever wants to participate in the activities of the Association, can contact the secretariat at the following email address:

Barcelona, 15 January 2020.

Joan Tafalla, Nando Zamorano, Giaime Pala, Carles Feixa, Pablo Montes, Raül Digón, Alex Márquez, Juan Antonio Geraldes, Gerard Marin, Victor Ríos, Antonio Ruiz, Cristina Garcia, Simón Vázquez, Juan Ramón Capella, Alejandro Andreassi, Arnau Barquer, Oriol Arcas, Lluís Juberías.


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